The Vanishing Girl

It was the year of love and the year of fear and I woke up to a thunderstorm.   His voice thunder, the lightning our hands (still intertwined) and the rain my heartbeat. He rolls over, eyes the color of the ocean. I have this theory that his eyes are so blue because there is […]


i’ve always been a pretty girl- and that’s what people remember long eyelashes fluttering above my almond eyes wrists so delicate you’re afraid to touch them because they’ll snap at any sudden movement cheekbones so defined they’re almost hollow “you’re so lovely,” they would say   lovely   and i never understood how they could […]

For My Daughter

if i ever have a daughter, i will make sure to tell her a man should love her selflessly or not at all.   i will tell her that she is composed of stardust and gold and even though she may see dark circles under her eyes and bruises forming where he kissed her, she […]

the puppet master

i have always been the kind of woman who speaks her mind even with glaring eyes trying to burn holes into my golden irises   i have been a fighter since birth i fight against stereotypes against injustice against those who choose to disregard my ideas because a girl like me should be softer   […]

cocaine tombstones

Take off my white nightgown take off my gleaming pearls Oh darling, Do I terrify?   I, an idealized woman, have nothing left but shadows that I can never seem to catch and scars like the lines of cocaine I bathe in at dawn.   My eyes are not eyes anymore they are ghost stories […]

the games we play

  You sit across from me staring waiting playing games I can’t even understand. Tell me, are you so insecure about your inability to feel something anything that you must manipulate the fragile heart you broke my ribs to get to? Tell me why your hands search desperately for their counter parts- discarded in the […]